Stéphanie Saadé



When the gallery opens, the blinds are shifted : the day sky is seen from the inside and the night sky from the outside. When the gallery closes, the blinds are shifted again and the night falls inside of the gallery. During the opening hours, it is the day only inside of the gallery and everywhere outside is dark. During the closing hours, the works in the gallery are put to sleep, and the exhibition moves to the outside. Window Shade establishes a relationship between the individual and natural phenomena; In off-beat with the natural cycles, a double reality is created: the day rises twice in the city, and the night falls twice. 



Window Shade, 2013, 163x278cm, 2 laser-jet photographs divided in bands and laminated on both sides of the blades of a Venetian blind. 

Stephanie saade window shade 1      


Stephanie saade window shade 2      Stephanie saade window shade 3



Stephanie saade window shade 4      Stephanie saade window shade 5   


Stephanie saade window shade 6