picnic powder





2017, ashes of carboard detritus rubbed onto the surface of a ruin

Work realised for Kunsthalle3000


The intervention took place between the entrance of Dalieh – a removed part of metallic guardrail at the Corniche – until the spot of the Kunsthalle3000 –

a small ruin further down towards the sea; All the cardboard detritus was collected, burned, and rubbed onto the remaining surfaces of the ruin.

Still minimal, the intervention affected only slightly the general landscape: there was still detritus everywhere afterwards, just not cardboard. And the ruin

turned from ochre to grey, now appearing in the all-over sandy landscape.

Dressed in grey, wearing grey masks and gloves, the selective cleaners collected, on the path to the Kunsthalle3000, the picnic leftovers – sandwich paper,

juice cans, cigarette boxes, coffee cups, tissues, … – with metallic grabbers, before incinerating them in a metallic barrel and rubbing them on the ruin.

A concrete floor, parts of walls and other remains scattered here and there, this delimitated perimeter, hence serving as a picnic spot today – a home to temporary meals –

was celebrated as a ruin: a leftover itself, which might hardly remain.

The wind might scatter away the ashes, maybe to the sea, achieving the funeral-like ceremony and bringing back the original – invisible – colour of the ruin,

or the heat will sinter them into the stone making them ruin matter.

Picnic powder ste phanie saade 2

After the intervention (above)

Picnic powder ste phanie saade 1

Before the intervention